Thanks for the love

The time has come for us at Not2Misc. to say goodbye.  We've been at it for many years and feel the concept has run its course. We have a long list of creative ideas we want to pursue and the timing feels right to start something fresh. Thank you for your loyalty and interest all these years. A special thank you to all the artists and musicians we've loved and supported through the years:

Music makes everything better. Music is our companion through life, healing us, motivating and moving us. What you do is essential to the human experience. As long as there are ears to hear it, keep making music. 

Keep indulging those creative urges, those images that flash in your mind. Get it out and into the world. Follow the muse. 

If you already feel yourself going through music withdrawals, you can follow our chief music mistress Britt Sekulić on IG, she frequently posts her favorite songs on IG Stories. Our taste in music will live on through her. 

Life is short. Do it all.