Let's Be Greedy When It Comes To Our Rights

In politics, millennial women should assert their needs above all else — after all, that is what democracy is all about.

Women spend a lot of daily energy trying not to take up too much space, keeping their complaints to themselves, and attempting not to rock the boat. If that weren’t bad enough, millennial women have the added criticism of being part of the generation blamed for the country’s laundry list of economic, social, and cultural pitfalls — this includes everything from the unpredictable side effects of the gig economy to the downfall of fabric softener.

We all know that millennials have been dubbed the
most entitled generation in history; we get called selfish and self-centered — particularly when it comes to issues around identity. And when women in particular ask for policies around equal pay and/or better treatment on par with their male peers (you know, like not being groped by a sitting Senator) we get slammed for not “taking one for the team.”...more