To Get Good at Something, Practice Less, But More Frequently

All musicians have a different approach to becoming their very best, but whatever your practice, it will inevitably include some version of running scales. There is a great deal of tedium in being good enough to keep up when inspiration strikes. Unfortunately, this has translated to many a miserable afternoon for pressured kids at the keyboard. But we’re adults now. Let’s practice smart, not hard.

On the subreddit /r/ProLifeTips, user u/banana__phone brought up an old tip they’d gotten from their former piano teacher in a post:

"My piano teacher told me it’s always better to practice 20 minutes every day at a skill rather than 60 minutes every 3 or so days.

This has helped me, at least. Especially if I set a timer aside. It sticks with me longer and I find I improve that much faster if I set aside time every day for what I want to get better at."...more