Got a locker full of stuff? Deposit it in the Furniture Bank

Why are so many people renting lockers when the stuff can be put to good use by people who really need it?

The self-storage business is simply huge. According to Adam Minter of Bloomberg, in a post titledSomebody's making money off all our junk:

"Today there are roughly 54,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S., which is home to 90 percent of the global self-storage inventory. Those sites hold 2.63 billion square feet of rentable storage — an area roughly the size of Palm Springs, California, golf courses and all."

Minter notes that while much of it has to do with consumerism, a lot has to do with other factors including "disruption, serving as a temporary resting place for the stuff of the dead, the recently divorced, the downsizers and the dislocated."....more