‘They Who Saw the Deep’ is Like Being Lost in the Weirdest Dream You Can Possibly Imagine

In a secret 17,000-square-foot space in Koreatown, a group of strangers clothed in white ponder their place in life, death, and whatever comes after. The audience roams freely. Cast members become the central figures of their own epic. And things get a little weird. It’s all part of a new multi-discipline immersive experience called They Who Saw the Deep.

They Who Saw the Deep comes via Derek Spencer and Meredith Treinen’s production group Ceaseless Fun and combines elements of several mediums, including immersive theater, dance, music and performance art.

Guests are led into the massive venue in small groups. The scale and awkward layout make the location ideal for something like this, where discovering how rooms connect to one another is part of the excitement. In some spaces, you can stare through an interior window into a distant room, but it’s not immediately clear how to access it. It’s sort of like being lost in a dream, and the otherworldly milieu is enhanced by the set design. Some rooms are minimal, with just plastic sheeting and blue lighting creating the feel of a cold, subterranean purgatory. Others are cluttered with ephemera, some of it seemingly from the building’s past life and other items selected to represent the various characters....more