Photographer Jim Jocoy’s book chronicles San Francisco’s booming 1970s music scene

During a phone call with Korean-born, California-based photographer Jim Jocoy, he tells me about a night he spent with Mick Jagger and Patti Smith after a stranger invited him to a party on New York’s subway. In light of this, it comes as no surprise that Jim’s latest book, Order of Appearance, chronicles his youthful years during San Francisco’s booming music scene in the late 1970s. Filled with snapshots of musicians applying final layers of make-up before going on stage and photos of drunken teens struggling to find their way home, Order of Appearance is a celebration of the vibrancy and dynamism of youth.

“I was born in South Korea in 1952 — I’m a war baby. My dad was an American soldier and my mum was Korean. At six years old I came to the US and had to learn how to speak English. My father gratuitously bought a house at the heart of Silicone Valley and I still live in that same house that my folks bought in 1958. Now it’s super hot real estate,” the photographer explains. From a young age, Jim found that he was “in pursuit of creativity” and his interest in photography developed organically. Picking up a camera was a way for Jim to photograph friends and capture their time spent together while training his aesthetic eye and teaching himself techniques along the way....more