Yes! Coffee shop chain bans disposable coffee cups

Back when I lived in Bristol, England, Boston Tea Party was one of my favorite hang out spots. Good cake, great coffee, and a lovely walled garden in the back to hang out in—what's not to like? Now there's another reason to support this coffee shop that's since blossomed into a chain of 22 locations:

They're banning disposable cups from their cafes all together.

That's a pretty bold move. We'd already seen British supermarket chain Waitrose ban disposable cups, but as commenters rightly pointed out—Waitrose was giving the stuff away for free, so a move that discouraged consumption would actually save them money.

Boston Tea Party, on the other hand, makes its money selling coffee, tea and other beverages. Any drop in consumption will directly impact their bottom line. And given that they previously introduced a 25 pence discount for anyone using a reusable cup—yet only 3% of take out customers utilized the offer—it's not unreasonable to assume that some people will go elsewhere for their caffeine fix. But let's hope that the recent flurry of activity and activism around single-use plastics will mean that other customers will choose to give them their business....more