How to Spring Clean Your Design Career

Around this time of year, there’s a good chance that many—if not all—of your well-intentioned New Year’s career resolutions have fallen by the wayside. But as the warmer, brighter days of spring arrive, now is the perfect time to bring back those goals and recommit to professional self-improvement.

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Design Career

1. Dust off your digital portfolio.

An online portfolio is not an archive. Rather, it’s a showcase for your best, most recent work. Remove anything more than five years old from your website’s home page and landing pages.

Creating a portfolio that pops requires finding that just-right balance between quality and variety: You want to demonstrate your unique style, yet you should let potential clients and employers know you’re versatile enough to meet their demands.

While you’re at it, review the color palette and font choices to make sure they’re not dated or busy. Don’t forget to view it on a mobile device to check for glitchiness, wonky displays and image quality. If you’re unhappy with the website’s responsiveness, it could be time to find a new host for your portfolio.

2. Sweep out the corners of your social media accounts.

Apps like UnTweeps and ManageFlitter make it easy for you to identify and unfollow inactive accounts on Twitter. Once you’ve trimmed down your list, scope out the latest hashtags and discussions to connect with industry influencers who can help you amplify your social media branding. Also find some new Facebook groups to join, as well as cutting-edge thought leaders to follow on Instagram.

If you want to be a more active online networker but struggle to keep up with multiple accounts, apps like Hootsuite and BirdEye allow you to organize and manage all your interactions in one place....more