How To Haggle For Your Next Electric Car, & Other #ChargingConversations

I met a new Chevy Bolt owner the other day (within his first 12 hours with the car). We were both at an EV fast charger. He shared his EV shopping style with me, a shopping style that led him to choose the Bolt over other EVs.

The new Bolt owner offered a similar story to one I have heard before: He told the car dealership if they could not sell him a Bolt for the price of a Prius, he was buying the Prius. I did not ask what kind of Prius. The car dealer came back the next day and sold him the new Bolt for the price he wanted.

The Bolt is one of just a handful of all-electric cars available at dealerships in Sarasota, FL — along with the Nissan LEAF (although, I have yet to see a 2018 LEAF in Sarasota), the BMW i3, and Tesla’s cars (which are quite popular here). Good luck getting any other fully electric car from a dealership in this area....more