This New SGV Hotel Has Robots That Bring You Room Service

If you’ve ever been jealous of The Jetsons and their robot housekeeper, Rosie, then you’ll be delighted to know robot helpers are starting to pop up in hotels. Instead of a person standing on the other side of the door, you might find a boxy robot bearing food, coffee, toiletries or your luggage. Blade Runner-level they’re not, but they are quite cute.

The recently opened Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel Hotel is San Gabriel’s second hotel and, apparently, the site of the city’s first Starbucks. The 288-room, 17-suite space caters largely to Chinese visitors, who account for roughly 60 percent of guests. Americans might notice that the elevator is missing a button to the fourth floor. This is because in Chinese, the word for ‘four’ bears a similarity to the word ‘death,’ making it an unlucky digit. If you’ve ever stayed in a Vegas hotel, you may remember that hotels are often missing thirteenth floors for similar superstitious reasons. The hotel also contains several meeting rooms, a grand ballroom, a fitness center, a sixth floor club lounge, multiple restaurants and bars, a garden terrace with a pool, and yes, robots....more