Forget TED Talks: Let's do Drink, Talk, Learn

Learning new stuff doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, if you take the "Drink, Talk, Learn" approach, it can be the basis of a memorable party.

The idea is brilliantly simple: All the people invited to the party bring a three-minute presentation with them on any subject. The only rules are that the presentation can't be longer than 180 seconds, and it should include a visual element in the form of a slideshow, like PowerPoint.

Twitter user Michal, a software designer from Seattle, tweeted about the party idea. She included images from her presentation on Sonic the Hedgehog — which won best presentation at her party — and it went viral. "I’d highly recommend it; I ended up learning a lot about Seattle public transit, the history of Windows startup sounds, and fancy rats," Michal wrote of the other presentations she heard at her party....more