Is This the Most Underrated Home Exercise?

Recent Pinterest data reveals that saves related to tai chi are up 189 percent. Initially created as a form of self-defense, today tai chi has evolved into a gentle and restorative form of fitness that's often described as a "moving meditation" and an "art that embraces the mind, body, and spirit." The Mayo Clinic lists stress reduction, increased energy, and improved flexibility, balance, and muscle strength as benefits of tai chi.

Is tai chi the new yoga? We looked into the basics, from the science to getting started, to learn more about this ancient Chinese exercise that's just now taking the modern fitness world and our social media feeds by storm.

What is tai chi?

When searching for photos or videos of tai chi online, you'll likely see practitioners moving slowly and gracefully through a series of movements with great focus. Though tai chi appears to be in slow motion, it's actually a practice of constant motion accompanied by deep breathing. Each pose effortlessly flows into the next without any breaks....more