How to Ask for What You’re Worth

Recently, I was contacted by a new client about doing some editorial work. Things seemed standard until they sent over their vendor contract, which I read (and which you should always read). This turned out to be a work-for-hire contract, which means they would own copyright for the work I was going to create for them.

Hold on. Work-for-hire? For an editorial illustration? For most editorial work, there is little reason for the company to need the full copyright of the material. Most illustrators would be happy to agree to a universal license of the work without having to give up their rights to ownership of it.* So, what would you do?

Illustrators, particularly those who are early in their careers, often approach new projects and new Art Directors like fragile butterflies to be treated with the utmost care. Sudden movements could cause these little butterflies to flit off to another illustrator who is able to remain completely still....more