Why you need to take a Swedish 'year walk'

If you want to see the future, then there's something you should try. Start by spending your daylight hours shut in a dark room. No eating, speaking, sleeping or engaging with technology or the outside world for a whole day. By cutting yourself off in this manner, you're preparing your mind and spirit for the Swedish pseudo-pagan ritual of Årsgång, or the "year walk."

Next, leave your home when the clock strikes 12. Alone in the dark, walk to the local church or house of worship. This ritual can only be done at midnight, preferably on the winter solstice or Christmas, but another winter's eve of your choosing will work. When you arrive, walk around the building three times counterclockwise, then blow in the keyhole of the front door. (This is to temporarily renounce any attachments you may have to religion.)

Once you've completed these steps, you will have opened yourself up to enter the spirit world — and you may even be able to see the future.

It could go well — but it might not

When pagan beliefs and rituals were at their height in Scandinavia, some people were known to disappear during these walks, while others were rewarded with seeing what was ahead personally or for those in their community....more