Why Not Use Autonomous Vehicles For Self-Driving Stores?

Most of the time, we tend to see autonomous vehicles (AV) as a personal means of locomotion. However, self-driving technology is far more disruptive than that. Grocery stores are certainly not going to like the idea in this piece — unless they jump onboard early.

Low-income neighborhoods usually don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to food. Generic-brand grocery stores and fast-food places are mostly all there is. Quality food is hard to find, which also explains the alarming level of health problems in those communities. How about bringing food to those neighborhood using AVs? That’s what Robomart wants to do. It’s a self-driving grocery coming soon to a city near you — perhaps.

The business model is intriguing. Robomart wants to build a fleet of on-demand, self-driving (AV Level 5) stores licensed to grocery retailers. It would be sold as an on-demand delivery service vehicle anywhere in the world. Retailers would stock the AVs and send them off to clients. Customers would use the “grab and go” checkout system and get charged for the purchases later....more