Why Amazon Go should be a no-go: We will drown in a sea of plastic

Even the fruits and vegetables are wrapped in plastic so that the sensors can read them, inculcating a culture of convenience and waste.

The whole pitch of Amazon Go is that it is so convenient and quick, so easy to buy more than you need, so useful to give Amazon ever more detail about your most personal habits. Manoj Thomas, a professor of marketing at Cornell University, tells the Star: "We know that when people use any abstract form of payment, they spend more. And the type of products they choose changes too."

But this convenience has a cost, not only to your wallet and your privacy, but also to the climate and the oceans -- because everything in the store, even the oranges and vegetables, have to be individually packaged and labeled. The artificial intelligence and machine learning, all those sensors on the ceiling, may figure out that you have picked up a tomato, but it can't figure out what it weighs...more