This mall in Sweden sells only recycled stuff

You've probably heard about how Sweden is running out of garbage. And it's true: The country of just shy of 10 million people sends less than 1 percent of its household waste to landfills. What waste is generated is burned to create electricity and energy to heat homes. 

The flip side of that is Swedish citizens have a real zest for recycling, too. Almost everything that can be recycled, is. It's both these aspects of the Swedish waste system that have led to their reputation of generating so little waste.

Recycling is such a part of the culture that there's even a mall — the ReTuna Ã…terbruksgalleria — that contains only up-cycled and repaired stuff. The mall is located about 60 miles outside Stockholm in the town of Eskilstuna (the ‘tuna’ is short for the town's name). There are 14 stores, a restaurant (see below), an exhibition area and an educational program so that interested Swedes can learn how to recycle even more...more