Get rid of your WiFi with this lovely LiFi lamp

Most studies have concluded that WiFi is safe, but some people still worry that we shouldn't be bathing in EMF radiation all day and night. WiFi also goes through walls and is not totally secure.

Then there is LiFi, or Light Fidelity, where the invisible flickering of a light source transmits data at very high speed, up to 224 gigabits per second. There are no interference issues as there can be with radio frequencies, and it could be more secure since it can't go through walls.

Now Oledcomm, a French company that has been making commercial LiFi equipment that is used in hospitals and other facilities where they worry about interference from WiFi, has introduced this lovely desktop lamp, designed by Pierre Garner of Eliumstudio. It has been brought to North America and the CES show in Las Vegas by Montreal's Global LiFi Tech has already won two awards. According to the press release in V2COM, ...