What Happened When I Tried To Learn Coding From A Robot

Whether you’re a beginning coder or learning more advanced programming, there’s a coding robot for you.

Over the past few years, I’ve wanted to learn more about coding, beyond my basic understanding of HTML and CSS. I started out on Codecademy learning basic front-end web stuff, then got into learning a bit about the Command Line on Mac, then briefly into Python and JavaScript.

But it wasn’t enough, so I decided I needed a classroom setting and I enrolled in evening front-end web classes at General Assembly in Austin, where I live. After making it through a month and a half of a three-month course and bottoming out, I started thinking that the best way for me to really learn to code would be to enroll in an immersive, full-time coding course. But I’m already maxed out time-wise and don’t have the luxury of going to school full-time. After a month or two of not working on coding, other than dealing with random HTML errors on stories during the day, I more or less gave up for while. I still wanted to learn more, but I had reached a sort of impasse. I knew I would eventually return to coding again, though.

So when I started hearing about a new way to learn–through coding robots–my interest was reignited. Although many such robots are geared toward kids and STEM education, adults with limited coding knowledge can also have fun while learning coding with them. But the difference is that adults aren’t normally in daily classroom settings that teach coding like kids are...more