Find Friction, Forget Logos, F*ck Buzzwords, Fight Assholes, and 42 Other Ways You’ll Do the Best Creative Work of Your Life This Year

2017, you were a bumpy ride and the only thing we want to reflect on are our favorite stories of the year, martini in hand.

It’s the end of 2017. That means, like many people, we’re taking a moment to look at the year in review.


It was a whiplash-inducing kind of year. Before we burn some sage to cleanse the air for 2018, we’re rounding up what we’ve learned to help us better focus and answer the question: Where does the best work that we can make start? With ourselves? With our collaborators? With a martini or two?

We broke our learnings down into five parts: self-improvement, honing your craft, client relations, collaboration, and ‘big picture,’ which is a fancy way of saying everything we couldn’t fit neatly into another category. Onward!


Self-comparisons and one-sided competitions are toxic. Ignore ‘em.
“I have learned that comparison and competition are enemies of the artist,” says writer Mike Sager. “How did he get that assignment? How could she win that award? How many books did she sell? What’s his hourly rate? All that should matter is the piece of work that sits before you. There is you. There is your art. At the elemental level, nothing else matters.”...more