Move Over, Skyscrapers. This “Plantscraper” Can Feed 5,000 a Year.

As populations grow and cities condense, availability of fresh produce becomes an increasingly dire issue. The concept of "plantscapers" could allow office buildings to feed thousands of people every year.

From rooftop gardens to “sponge city” architecture, natural elements are finding their way into city buildings around the world. This is helping to alleviate the effects of flooding, providing food for locals, and even improving air quality. As populations swell within congested urban areas, it will become more challenging to make locally-produced, fresh food available. This is why Plantagon, a Swedish food-tech company, is proposing the idea of “plantscrapers.”

Plantagon is building the first of these in Linköping, Sweden. These futuristic, green skyscrapers (or “plantscrapers”) are simply large buildings that contain massive indoor farms. The project, which started in 2012, should be completed and ready to open by 2020...more