How One Woman Changed Her Life In 4 Days

When it comes to dating, just because I have experience doesn't mean I've got it all figured out. Let me explain: After a few dates with a man I'm interested in, I inevitably become "one of the guys" — aka friend-zoned. I pretty much set myself up for it. I play things too cool (I guess you could say the feminine air of mystery is totally lost on me) and give off a laissez-faire attitude; men end up seeing me as more of a friend, rather than a love interest. While having a load of dates lined up used to excite me, nowadays, it's more of a burden — as with every date that comes and goes, my self-esteem weakens.

And as if the dating aspect of my life wasn't bad enough, last week I tried on my favorite pair of jeans from college and was devastated when they didn’t slide over my hips like they used to. Whatever confidence I had left was gone, alongside the jeans I tossed in my donation pile. And while my intention was to never base my confidence solely on a man or an arbitrary jeans size, seeing those pants leave my closet after so many years was the straw that broke the camel's back....more