Being Bad: 10 Books Featuring Subversive Women

In my noir novel, Sunset City, porn star Danielle Reeves is murdered, and her best friend Charlotte reels, heartbroken, in the aftermath of her death. Charlotte, Danielle, and others in the book are impulsive, self-destructive, and lonely. They put themselves at risk in many ways: they drink too much, they do drugs, they have sex with strangers, they act without regard to personal safety. No one has an easy time of it, but they all do the best they can given their situations.

The women in Sunset City and in the following books struggle to fit in, to find a place in society. They don’t buy into mainstream values. They aren’t very good at living the way they are told they’re supposed to live. Many of them are smarter, or more talented, or they feel things more deeply than the people around them. In a world where girls’ and women’s bodies and behavior are under so much scrutiny and control, self-destruction can be a meaningful act of defiance, self-assertion, or expression....more