These Vegan Mercy for Animals Cheerleaders Make It Easy to Go Plant-Based

The vegan diet has grown six hundred percent since 2014, according to a nationwide study released by GlobalData in June. With vegan-positive information becoming more readily accessible, people are not only hearing the message — they are listening.

Most recently, the June 16th launch of “What the Health” on Netflix caused a surge of celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday citizens to “go vegan,” attributing their diet shift to this perspective-altering documentary. Among others, stars like Ne-Yo and Danielle Brooks both credited the film for sparking their plant-based transformation. The trickle down effect is real, as fans are influenced by these public celebrity diet shifts. But inspiration is one thing, and action is another.

For those struggling with the moral implications of wanting to make a change but can’t seem to give up cheese, there is help. Mercy for Animals, the leading nonprofit focused on farm animal welfare issues as well as vegan education (and drool-worthy recipes), offers a unique vegetarian support program for individualized, long-term assistance for those in transition to a vegan diet – free of charge...more