Martin Scorsese Names the 11 Scariest Horror Films

"When it comes to ripe old frighteners — or to any other overheated genre — Scorsese is the most ardent of proselytizers," writes the New Yorker's Anthony Lane in a review of that respected director's ripe-old-frightener-flavored Shutter Island, "so much so that I would prefer to hear him enthuse about Hammer Horror films, say, than to watch a Hammer Horror film." And though no Hammer productions appear on it, Scorsese, who often seems as much film enthusiast as filmmaker, has put together a solid list of his personal eleven scariest horror movies for The Daily Beast. At its very top we have Robert Wise's The Haunting, whose trailer you can watch above. Scorsese promisingly describes the story of the film, originally ballyhooed with the tagline “You may not believe in ghosts but you cannot deny terror!,” as "about the investigation of a house plagued by violently assaultive spirits." His full and frightening list runs as follows...more