Community Gardens Help To Heal Broken Neighborhoods

On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy devastated large parts of New York City and northern New Jersey. To mark the fifth anniversary of that event, Nature Sacred, part of the TKF Foundation, has released a documentary film that highlights how community gardens in the Far Rockaway section of Queens have helped residents recover from the destruction Sandy left behind. “It was like being in Armageddon out here,” says local resident Celeste Grimes.

The mission statement for Nature Sacred is simple yet powerful: “Sowing the seeds for a deeper understanding of the power of nature as a healing space for individuals and communities.”

The TKF Foundation was formed more than two decades ago by Tom and Kitty Stoner. During a visit to England they were impressed by an urban park in London that served as a place of refuge during the dark days of World War II. Tom Stoner says, “When Kitty and I created the TKF Foundation and formulated its mission in 1996, we had no idea what the result would be.

“Today, we see that the idea of creating open, sacred places in nature, designed to provide an opportunity for a deeper human experience, has become compelling to a host of people across the spectrum: environmentalists, health care professionals, landscape designers, universities, corporate CEOs, local governments, and community activists, to name a few.”...more