Carnovsky illustrates the human body under X-ray using RGB illustration technique

Illustration for educational books has become ever more inventive in recent years, diversifying a medium that has vast creative potential, and Wide Eyed Edition’s recent release Illumanatomyis symbolic of this shift. The large format book is filled cover to cover with full bleed, intricate, three-colour illustrations by Milan-based duo Carnovsky depicting the human body in three layers. Using a set of lenses that come with the book, you can see the skeleton (through the red lens), the muscles (through the green lens) and the organs (through blue) and learn facts about the details of each image. It uses a technique made famous by Carnovsky in 2010 for its RGBwallpaper that revealed different images under different lights.

“We wanted the illustrations to be immersive,” explains the book’s designer Nicola Price. “We filled the pages to the edges, and the book has a large trim so a small child can lay the book out and really dive into the artworks. We aimed to keep the Victorian etching aesthetic that Carnovsky always uses, but make sure the book was factually accurate – which was tricky as we now know that Victorian etchings aren’t accurate. We also wanted a lot of depth, so you feel like you’re stripping away the layers as you use the lens, finding something new each time.”....more