Amazon Wants To Charge Electric Cars With Drones

How to recharge an electric vehicle while it is driving is a problem the industry would love to solve. The limited range of electric cars and the lack of a widespread charging infrastructure make charging in transit an incredibly attractive solution. Earlier this year, scientists at Stanford University demonstrated the ability to wirelessly transfer electricity to a moving object, but as yet only very small amounts of electricity can be transferred, and even if the amount does increase dramatically, there would still need to be a huge amount of infrastructure deployed in the road network to make a reality.

Enter Amazon, with an alternative and potentially revolutionary solution — charging by drones, on the move. Earlier this month the company was granted a patent for this very thing. The idea is that a drone would be able to affix itself to a moving vehicle and provide it with electric charge, before detaching itself and flying off again. It would be a fully autonomous service, with the drones locating, traveling to, and recharging the vehicle without any human interaction....more