The Moon Is About To Start Some Drama — & It's Not Even Full

The September new moon is right around the corner, but before the moon goes completely dark this Wednesday, it must pay a visit to a few of the inner planets in our solar system. Last night, the moon passed in front of Venus, and it's now on course to block out Mars and Mercury this evening, in an event known as an occultation. Considering the sort of influence these planets can have on our lives, there's a chance you'll feel the effects of this cosmic event for the rest of the week.

Similar to an eclipse, an occultation occurs when one celestial body (in this case, the moon) moves in front of another celestial body. Rather than hinder the occulted bodies' energy, this interference can actually intensify it. So, the areas of our lives that Venus, Mars, and Mercury rule will demand more of our attention than usual this week.

When Venus — the ruler of all things related to love, affection, and attraction — is occulted, our minds turn toward thoughts of true love. That isn't to say you'll spend this week searching for The One. More accurately, this event will encourage you to pin down your own definition of "true love." Reflecting on the role that love plays in your overall life might help you ease into bringing up the L-word with a new partner or discussing taking the next step with your long-term S.O. this week...more