Photographer combs city streets to find positive, everyday moments

Freelance photojournalist Jeroen Swolfs has traveled all over the world documenting political and social issues. In his journeys, he began to realize that although the hard-hitting headlines made the news, there was still a lot of good going on around him.

"After working for newspapers and magazines internationally for some years, I started noticing how the emphasis with them is usually on the shocking, hard and negative news. Of course, a lot of bad stuff is happening around the globe every day but I also saw so much good stuff, which never got any attention," Swolfs tells MNN.

"I realized that this results in an imbalanced look upon society and humanity. It all looks so grim doesn't it? But is it that grim?"

So Swolfs came up with "Streets of the World," a project to "try and show a more positive side of daily life around the world with the focus on what connects us, what the good things we are capable of too, the things we share as humans."..more