Japan’s “Do It Ourselves” Model For Community Power

Often, community power innovation arises from adversity. Integrating numerous ideas, crafts and networks, a community solar startup in Tokyo leads the megacities’ community roof-top solar with an innovative participatory installation model.

DiO (Do it Ourselves)

In September 2016, a Tokyo-based community solar startup, Tama Empower, released a new participatory installation model for rooftop solar called ‘DiO (Do it Ourselves)’. This model provides customers not only with electricity from PV, but also a deep understanding and a tangible feeling of community ownership of PV.

The scheme of DiO consists of four main pillars:
  • Building owner’s and tenant’s participation in installation
  • Cost reduction through process breakdown and role sharing
  • Carefully selected solar PV equipment
  • Institutional operation and maintenance (O&M) support...more