13 Lynchian Locations in Los Angeles

From filming locations to milkshakes, here's your guide to David Lynch's Los Angeles.

Whether the Twin Peaks finale confirmed your faith in David Lynch’s genius or left you scratching your head, at this point, it’s irrefutable that the man’s unique aesthetic has left an indelible mark on the history of film and the American landscape.

In Lynch’s bizarre vision of America, everyday places—kitsch restaurants, quaint small towns, suburban housing developments, dive bars—take on sinister undertones and strange symbolic meanings. You may have even found yourself referencing Twin Peaks while stopping off for a slice of cherry pie in a small town diner. But you don’t have to travel to upstate Washington to experience those unsettling Lynchian vibes.

It may not be surprising, seeing as he lives here, but much of Lynch’s work—including Twin Peaks—was made in LA. From the mysterious woods that lead to the Black Lodge to Lynch’s favorite diner in suburban Burbank, take a trip to the surreal side of LA with these 13 Lynchian hangouts....more