Plyscrapers Are On The Rise, Cutting Carbon Emissions In The Process

In building construction, there are a plethora of materials available that are more environmentally friendly than concrete. But when you think of what it takes to create a skyscraper, many of the alternatives just don’t fit the bill. You’d be forgiven for thinking that a highrise structure of any notable size could only be erected using concrete and steel, but with the arrival of plyscrapers, this notion is being turned on its head.

Plyscrapers’ are highrise buildings made almost entirely of wood. Not any normal kind of wood though, as they utilize cross-laminated timber, otherwise known as CLT. CLT panels are made by gluing together layers of softwood, and is similar to plywood only with much thicker laminations. The layers run perpendicular to each other, and the method used leads the panels to be stronger than concrete. If you’re thinking that being made from wood poses a fire risk, you’re wrong. CLT is fire-resistant, and instead of going up in flames, the material just chars....more