James Murphy says NYC “doesn’t feel interesting,” talks more about LCD’s 2011 breakup

LCD Soundsystem‘s new album, American Dream, is out in less than two weeks and James Murphy posted a general band update on Facebook over the weekend where, saying “it’s the best i’ve felt about an LCD LP ever. which could totally spell disaster. anyway, we look forward to playing again soon after this short break in which i just fixed a laundry machine and a water filter, and organized a kitchen.”

Speaking of playing again soon, he also let fans know that if they bought a ticket to the band’s fall tour (including the 10 Brooklyn Steel shows), they get a free CD of American Dream sent to them:

"you don’t HAVE to take the CD, but it’s yours if you want it. i’m pretty sure it will arrive at yours on sept 1. and you can take your CD and pretend it’s 1995. (joking aside, it’s a nice looking CD. and YES with the same artwork). you can also, in lieu of the aforementioned CD, pay a surcharge and get the vinyl. i think it’s like $8 to $10 off the vinyl or something. that should also get to you on september 1*"

Meanwhile, Murphy has also been making the interview rounds, with features in Vuture and The New York Times. Both, like his long talk with Tom Scharpling on The Best Show, hit on the LCD’s 2011 breakup and “final” blowout at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. From Vulture he says the decision in part was from worrying that the band was becoming too big and the pressures of a fourth LP were big....more