Music Rights Used Right: How These Five Artists Managed Their Money

You’ve probably read plenty of articles about artists who famously mismanaged their money. So for a change of pace, let’s focus on a few that did the opposite.

Simply listing off the richest musicians in the world, though, isn’t enough. We’re looking for more than artists who can sell/stream a lot of music, pack large stadiums, or score lucrative branding deals.

Instead, we’re focusing on artists who made unique and successful financial decisions that anyone can learn from with or without a No. 1 hit.

So with that, here are five examples of artists who managed their money right, and what you can learn from them.


David Bowie was renowned for his innovations in music, fashion, and business. So it seems only fitting that he designed the precursor for putting financial power back into the hands of artists with what became known as “Bowie Bonds.”

Bowie offered investors the opportunity to buy securities backed by the current and future revenues of his pre-1990’s catalog (consisting of 25 albums and nearly 300 tracks). He raised $55 million from the offering upfront, and paid investors 7.9% interest over the next 10 years, after which royalty payments reverted back to him.

Bowie solidified the idea that an artist’s worth is measurable and valuable. He codified the idea that an artist’s future earnings have investment potential....more