5 Ways to Know If a Side Hustle Will Fit into Your Life

Years ago, one of my mentors shared some advice that would change my life: “99 percent is hard. 100 percent is easy.” Kind of confusing at first, right? But stay with me. Most people live in the 99 percent. They really want more money, more freedom, more passion, more fulfillment, more impact, and more meaning. But they haven’t fully committed to doing anything about it yet. They’re only at 99 percent. This makes committing time to a side hustle hard. Here are five ways to know if a side hustle will fit into your life.

1. You want it 100 percent. If you’re already committed to the idea of making your side hustle a reality, you eliminate the mental stress and anxiety that comes with making the big decision to just make it happen. Because there’s no more gray area, it’s clear what you need to do — say, building a professional website for your new biz or drafting a freelance work contract. Instead of moving a little bit in many different directions, when you’re at 100 percent, you direct your energy toward making huge strides in one direction. After watching my clients build successful side hustles, I learned that success ultimately comes down to two things: commitment and action. That’s what living in the 100 percent is all about.

2. You’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Chances are, if you’ve been thinking about a side hustle for 12 months or more, you are truly ready for one. When something has been filling up mental space over time, it’s a big sign that you’ll make it work, because it becomes too painful to NOT do it. When you make the decision to go after your passion project, the time previously spent procrastinating becomes time spent creating....more