Pandora knows you’re secretly not that hip

The magic of machine learning is its ability to uncover patterns to return astonishing results. Things get dark when suddenly you realize that those sophisticated machine learning-powered recommendation engines are laying bare the secrets you’ve been hiding and revealing your truest, most naked self.

“I used to say I like jazz from the 1930s, 40s — Lester Young, Chet Baker, cool jazz,” says Oscar Celma, head of research at Pandora. “But then you look at my songs, and you’re like, yeah, you say you like that, but you’ve been listening to a lot of pop, female singers, which is great too.”

Head of Research Oscar Celma is a featured speaker at MB 2017, July 11-12 in San Francisco. He’ll be talking about human-in-the-loop, an important, but not frequently discussed, aspect of AI. He’ll be among dozens of others from iconic brands sharing how companies are using AI to stay ahead. See the full roster of speakers here.

Music can be incredibly personal. What we listen to is often how we define ourselves, how we express who we are, and most importantly, if you’re trying to impress, the type of person we hope others see us as. But Pandora looks at those Taylor Swift songs you’ve got on repeat, and can figure out who you really are....more