Lush wants you to 'Get Naked' for the planet

This ethical cosmetics company wants you to know about its extensive line of solid, package-free products that eliminate the need for millions of plastic bottles.

Lush Cosmetics is in the midst of its ‘Get Naked’ campaign. From May 26th till July 30th, the company is on a mission to promote its package-free products, which currently comprise an impressive 35 percent of the total product line. These items, which include bath bombs, massage bars, shampoo and conditioner bars, soaps, body butters, and, in the UK, makeup such as eye shadow and lipstick, are “formulated with as little water as possible to allow for a solid form and have the added benefit of requiring no synthetic preservatives to stay fresh – products with truly nothing to hide.”

Staff from stores across North America joined in the fun on May 31st, stripping down to nothing but their black Lush aprons in hopes of kickstarting an important conversation about unnecessary packaging....more