Ditch the freelance guilt: How to make the most of a more flexible work life

The first couple of years of freelancing weren't exactly a walk in the park. But now you're established, and have a few steady clients under your belt, you don't have to work seven days a week or 12 hour days any more (well, let's hope not); you can take your foot off the accelerator.

So why aren't you doing that? What's stopping you from enjoying a better work/life balance? Guilt. That's what. Because whilst everyone else is working the usual 9 'til 5 routine, you feel bad that you have more freedom. Weirdly, you consciously decide to work harder and for longer hours than those who have full-time jobs.

If you've been wondering lately if freelancing isn't all it's cracked up to be, it's time to embrace one of its key perks – and that's being in control of how you spend your days. With the following tips, we'll stop you feeling guilty and show you how to free up your time to make the most of a flexible freelancing life.

First up, stamp out that guilt

What have you got to feel guilty about? You work hard, your clients are happy, you pay your taxes... hell, you might even employ others and pay their taxes too. Whatever. You're doing a great job, so why feel guilty if you take an afternoon off now and again?

Besides, you do way more than those who work for someone else. You look after the admin, accounts, invoicing. You answer the phone, tackle emails and new business enquiries. You go to meetings, come up with all the ideas, draft together proposals. And that's all without getting paid....more