Drew Wolf tells us about Canvas, the YouTube channel introducing art to young people

Introducing Canvas, the Arts Council-funded initiative on a mission to get young people interested in art. Using YouTube as a springboard and rallying support through Facebook and Twitter, Canvas produces and curates video content which promotes artists, exhibitions, events and performances all over the UK. We caught up with the channel’s creative director Drew Wolf to find out more.

Hi Drew. Tell us about Canvas’ purpose in the world…
The Canvas Channel is dedicated to making art relevant and inspiring to a youth audience. It is part of a wider project where we work with arts organisations around the country to develop their online audiences.

And what themes do you cover?
We aim to cover themes on Canvas that mirror the conversations and passion points of the youth audience today. Through our films we actively pair art and artists that produce work on themes like music, politics, equality, the environment and street culture to an audience that’s largely indifferent to “traditional” art. 

Do you work exclusively with an in-house team?

For the most part we work with our streamlined in house team. We concept, direct, edit and manage our social channels in house.

Give us an insight into that process…

I think what’s interesting about our process is we look at potential filming opportunities more like collaborations. We sit down with artists and together approach each film with the intention of creating something unique that feels like an extension of the art or artist rather than an interview, studio visit or trailer. This challenges us to start from scratch on every project. The end results are entertainment pieces that work well for our channel are something the artist can feel is representative of their work....more