You get what you pay for . . . or do you?

Getting consumers to buy a product that could be perceived as "out-of-date" and even low-quality is definitely a challenge, especially when it's in a category that's flooded with new products on a seemingly monthly basis.

This challenge prompted Unilever to take a different, more sly approach. They decided to test a new product line, evaus, with beauty bloggers. They wanted to know if the bloggers would put their name with the new line and recommend it to their followers. After two weeks of trying the product, the bloggers' feedback was quite positive.

Here's the sly part: All the bloggers were invited to an event in NYC where it was unveiled that the product they tried and loved was actually that "out-of-date", low quality product they may have dissed in the past. The product was Suave (that's evaus spelled backwards for those of you following along) after all....more