Total Of 25 US Cities Have Now Committed To 100% Renewables

With the addition of Madison, Wisconsin and Abita Springs, Louisiana, the number of US cities which have committed to going 100% renewable energy is up to 25, according to Climate Action.

The United Nations Environment Programme, in partnership with Climate Action, in a story written last week, announced that Madison, Wisconsin, and Abita Springs, Louisiana, were the two newest US cities to commit to transitioning to 100% renewable energy, bringing the total number of US states committing to 100% renewables up to 25.

Both Madison and Abita Springs represent the first cities in their states to make the commitment. They join big-name cities such as San Diego and Salt Lake City, as well as smaller cities including Georgetown, Texas, and Greensburg, Kansas. Earlier this year, Pueblo, Colorado, and Moab, Utah, became the 22nd and 23rd cities to commit to transitioning to 100% renewables....more