Smartphone case protects your phone, while its built-in sensors help protect your lungs

A new line of modular phone cases includes a 4-in-1 "EnviroSensor" that measures air quality, which can help you avoid prolonged exposure to unhealthy environments.

Over the last few years, a fair number of air quality sensors, both personal and residential versions, have hit the market, but they're nowhere near as ubiquitous as smartphones, so perhaps a smartphone case with an integrated environmental sensor suite can help increase their adoption. A Silicon Valley startup, i-BLADES, thinks so, and has built its modular smartphone cases with that in mind.

According to the company (based on information from the World Health Organization and the EPA), it might be better for people to track the air quality around them instead of focusing on their fitness trackers, as some 92% of the world's population lives in places where the air pollution exceeds the levels considered to be 'healthy', and even indoor air quality can be worse than outside air quality. In fact, in some places, the high levels of air pollution can outweigh the benefits of cycling or walking, so monitoring the air quality and adjusting our activity levels accordingly can be an effective way of minimizing exposure to air pollutants....more