Hombres Tejedores: the Chilean group that challenges prejudice with needles and thread

A dozen men dressed in suits and ties sits in line and patiently creates, point by point, a fuchsia fabric.

"Breaking with stereotypes transforms us into a more inclusive and tolerant society", says the poster at their feet.

They are the Hombres Tejedores, a group that was born in early summer in Santiago, Chile.

What the photograph shows is an urban intervention carried out in the Chilean capital in September.

But their protagonists meet every month to enjoy the activity that defines them and, in turn, they claim.

"We get together because we like to weave," tells the BBC Mundo Claudio Castillo Malebrán, the teacher of the knitting workshops for men who gave life to this group.

"And also because we believe it is important to create spaces for meeting men who can share various personal, labor, social, and other issues," explains the 27-year-old Chilean.

"The meeting and workshops are a space to encourage men dare to venture into an activity that is socially associated with women ."

Thus, Castillo insists on recovering a space for men, but especially in the need to question the concept of masculinity...more