We don’t we pay the “real” cost for most goods we buy

We don’t we pay the “real” cost for most goods we buy, whether it’s iPhones or automobiles or skinny jeans, but that’s alarmingly true for food. In this clip, MinuteEarth takes an honest accounting look at the impact of eating meat.

This is an important video. It doesn’t tell you what to do, or what you should believe… but it will make you think about what you eat, and that’s the most important step. Because (Drudge Report news flash sirens) most people do not think about what they eat! Not beyond nutrients, calories, general tastiness, and the ability to get rid of hunger.

We’re sadly disconnected from our food. It is raised in boxes, harvested by box-shaped machines, transported in boxes riding rails and wheels, thrust before us in rows of smaller boxes on box-shaped shelves in big box-shaped stores… and is there anything less thought-provoking than a box?

We can’t do anything about which food is right until we think about what food really is*....more