“As Time Goes By” Captures the Stark Reality of Aging

One of photography’s most powerful tools is its ability to create a tangible record or memory of who we were and who we have become.

When Barbara Davatz began photographing her series, “As Time Goes By,” in 1982, she didn’t think it would turn into a 30-year project. When she met the couple Nicola and Kurt, she was struck by their similar appearance of blonde crew cuts and black attire. She took their portrait, and soon thereafter began shooting similar couples.*

Davatz kept busy over the years with other work but was approached by different magazines and museums interested in publishing or exhibiting the work should she decide to continue taking portraits of the original couples. She continued with the series in 1988, 1997, and 2014.

“As the years passed, I began thinking about the work again, becoming very curious about the diverse biographical and physical changes I imagined could have occurred in the meantime and gaining confidence in the potential strength of the new work,” she wrote via email....more