CA Bill Gives Tax-Free Delivery To Out-Of-State Tesla Buyers

Well, this might upset a few martini glasses at National Automobile Dealers Association social events.

A bill passed by the California State Senate two days ago allows out-of-state car buyers to take delivery of their electric cars in California without paying any sales tax.

The legislation was approved 33-2 by the Senate; it now moves to the State Assembly.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the bill's Senate sponsor, Bob Wieckowski [D-Fremont], hopes that Tesla buyers specifically will be drawn to the state to pick up their vehicles in person.

That's an opportunity afforded to buyers of European luxury cars, and Wieckowski hopes to spur “industrial tourism" in his senate district (which includes the Tesla plant).

He envisions buyers from other parts of the U.S. visiting Tesla's assembly plant in Fremont to take delivery of their cars, then staying to see the sites....more