Artist Tim Biskup travels to stunning Belize on The Jaunt

Growing up, artist Tim Biskup was equally interested in Disneyland as punk-rock, a combination which set himself on his own path as one of the most prolific and recognised names in contemporary art today.Known globally for his iconic vinyl toys, over the last few years his practice has focused predominately on painting, exhibiting his work internationally from Copenhagen to Hong Kong.

Tim Biskup is now heading on his next adventure, as the latest artist to participate in The Jaunt – a project which takes artists around the world for some much needed escapism, inspiration and downtime.

Prior to each trip, limited-edition prints are sold by each artist – before they’ve been created – a concept that has travelled to over 20 destinations worldwide, featuring the likes of Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Mike Perry and David Shillinglaw.

A fascinating country steeped in Mayan history, culture and the second longest barrier reef in the world, Belize has a wealth of natural beauty to absorb. Off the coast of Belize City you can find the island of Caye Caulker, where Tim’s trip will begin.

We caught up with Tim ahead of his departure next week to find out more..

Hi Tim, how’s it going? Feeling well rested after the holidays?

Yes, Feeling great. I just got engaged! Well rested, but always working in some way.

Sounds like 2015 was a pretty big year for you! We heard that you also had your first solo show in Hong Kong; ‘Space Madness’ – how was that experience for you? Can you tell us about this body of work and its significance?

I loved Hong Kong! My first show there and first trip as well. The fish markets were mind blowing!

Space Madness came out of an experiment. A big painting where I decided to do some very counter-intuitive things. I love to experiment but those things rarely work so well. The work for that show came very easily after that first painting. I was locked into a few basic rules....more