6 Great Resources to Help You Advance Your Design Career

We’re always looking for design career resources to help us (and our readers) bring our A-game to the table. Sure, you’ve been to design school, but there’s always more to be learned—whether it’s developing new skills, creating a strategic plan for success, or taking a fresh look at the industry.

MyDesignShop put together a little resource pack that includes some of our favorite design books, insights and even some helpful supplies to boost your creative career. We’re particularly stoked about the How to Build a Successful Design Career Collection because it’s now 86% off, which means you can get all of the resources below for only $24.33.

Check out what’s inside:

6 Resources to Help You Build a Successful Design Career

Take the opportunity to build on your existing design knowledge and skill set with the How to Build a Successful Design Career Collection, and catch up on the design fundamentals you may not have already known. With the resources and tools provided, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to keep your creativity flowing, and the knowledge you’ll need to rejuvenate your graphic design career.

This hardcover book provides advice on the stage from graduating, and getting into a studio and staying there as a valued designer, and explores best design practices. Though predominantly serving as a useful guide and bridge in the first year of your career as a designer, it should also be considered an essential tool that can be consulted when you’re unsure of what to do next. Get it as part of the How to Build a Successful Design Career Collection, or get the book individually here....more