Spotify Is Now Preparing to Offer Premium-Only, ‘Gated’ Content

The wheels on this change started in early August, as first reported by Digital Music News. Now, in the wake of high profile holdouts from Adele and Coldplay, Spotify is preparing to restrict certain content to paying subscribers only.

The exact start dates for this restricted ‘windowing’ are uncertain, though Spotify could toe the waters within weeks with limited tests.

Leaks from the negotiating table are already emerging, with plenty of details undoubtedly ahead. “In private talks, Spotify has told music executives that it is considering allowing some artists to start releasing albums only to its 20 million-plus subscribers, who pay $10 a month, while withholding the music temporarily from the company’s 80 million free users,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

(The Journal, like other mainstream publications, often misreport the average price point for paying subscribers, which is almost certainly below the $10 ‘asking’ price.)...more